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Hybrid rebate ontario

hybrid rebate ontario

The rebate program comes as Ontario is working to attract electric vehicle manufacturers and parts-suppliers.
2.7 Increase public awareness: Ontario will work with Plugn Drive, a non-prot electric vehicle advocacy organization, to establish and operate a facility to showcase electric vehicles and related technology to Ontarians across the province.
The program will offer buyers rebates of up to 60 percent of the incremental purchase cost of an electric truck, compared with an equivalent diesel vehicle, up to a cap zooplus voucher discount of C75,000 per vehicle, according to documents seen by Reuters.Timetable: Action Start 2017.2.4 Replace older vehicles: The province intends to help get older and less fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads by offering a rebate to low- and moderate-income households that will help them replace old cars with new or used electric vehicles or a plug-in hybrid.It will further encourage the federal government to invest in highspeed, fast-charging infrastructure on inter-provincial highways and highways that connect Ontario to the United States.A home charging incentive removes part of the cost barrier and helps Ontario maximize the environmental and economic benefits of EVs.Beginning in January 2013, eligible homeowners and businesses can receive a rebate of 50 percent (to a maximum of 1,000) of the total purchase and installation cost of an electric vehicle charging station.1, 2013 at its Web site.The workplace is the second most common place to charge electric vehicles after the home.2.2 Eliminate HST on zero emission vehicles: Ontario will work with the federal government to explore ways to provide full-HST relief to purchasers of new battery electric vehicles, with the objective of introducing this relief by 2018.These receptacles can be used with home charging stations and readily available at retail locations and are compatible with all plug-in hybrid and electric cars.Greenhouse gas pollution from cars account for more emissions than from industries like iron, steel, cement and chemicals combined. Intended funding: 1,750,000 to 2,000,000. Intended funding: 140,000,000 to 160,000,000.