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Senior citizens discounts at mcdonalds

senior citizens discounts at mcdonalds

You can also list the how to ask for a discount on rent discounts by age requirement.
The default is 10 discount listings per page, but you can choose to see as many as 50 discounts per page using this drop-down menu.Sort Results: Alphabetically or Age Requirement: You can list the search windows phone free apps download results alphabetically by the name of the business providing the discount.Discount Types: National and Local Listings: You can choose to display only local discounts in your geographic area by selecting Only Local Discounts or you can choose to display only national discounts by selecting Only National Discounts.Modify Your Search Results: At the top of the search results, we have provided tools to modify your search results.Selecting age requirement will arrange the discounts by the lowest age requirement first.You can modify the distance using this drop-down menu to search as little as 2 miles from the criteria entered.How to Search: You can search for discounts on SeniorDiscounts by selecting a category from the drop-down list provided and entering either a zip code or city and state.Your Search Results: Your search results will appear below the search bar.By default, the search results will display both the local and national discounts.You can also sort the results by age requirement or alphabetically, by distance, and you can set the amount of discounts you want displayed on each page.Then simply click the Find Discounts button.Results per Page: You can choose how many results you would like to have displayed per page.The default setting is set to display all discounts that are within 100 miles from the zip code or city, state entered.You can display just the local discounts or just the national discounts, or both.Discount Distance: You can choose how far away to search for discounts.
To go back to the search results, simply click on the Back link above the discount information or use your browsers back function.