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Uba dx contest

uba dx contest

Window: Select Log type Log Type: holyland Sent Exchange: 001 for non-4X stations Your Area Example: E15RH The callsign in the Station Information dialog ( Config Change Your Station Data Call ) determines if you are a DX station or a 4X station.
The RF Championship is a contest for stations of the Russian Federation only.
Classes: A Single Operator Single Band Low Power 100 W and, high Power 100 W (A10, A15, A20, A40, A80 c Single Operator Multi Band Low Power 100 W and, high Power 100 W (5 bands d Multi Operator Single Transmitter (5 bands e QRP.
Automatically (EU stations, Run mode only in the Entry window.Window: Select Log type, log Type: arci, mode Category: CW for Spring QSO party ; HootOwl Sprint ; Summer Homebrew Sprint ; Fall Qso Party ; Holiday Spirits ; Michigan QRP Contest.This is required in order to produce a valid Cabrillo file.Window: Select Log Type Log Type: jtdx Mode Category: CW or SSB, select one only Sent Exchange: CQ Zone (e.g., 5, 14, 23, etc.) The King of Spain contest can be configured for EA stations and DX stations.2015 letos ji. .Supports all three versions of the contest (LZ Open contest, LZ Open 40 meter Sprint contest and LZ Open 80 meter Sprint contest) Window: Select Log type Log Type: lzopen Sent Exchange: 001 Select lzopen contest.In fact, you must NOT do that.Rename the files to mycall.Non-Belgian participants can leave this field 'as myprotein promotion codes is it is only used for Belgian contesters.The rsgb Low Power Field Day can be configured for rsgb stations and DX stations Window: Select Log type Log Type: rsgblp summer contest photo Mode Category: CW (it is a CW only contest) Sent Exchange: 001 Power Example: 001 2W5 The rsgb ropoco is an internal rsgb.Do not use the exch macro in your Sweepstakes exchange messages.SSB, log Type: allasiassb, sent Exchange:Your age Example: 34, xYL and YL stations may give.There are a number of setup options available to customize QTC operation, including the messages sent at various points in the process.