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Wheel of fortune contestants list

wheel of fortune contestants list

Show Biz : Introduced on September 9, 1996.
The first known category to be introduced in backpage promotional codes 2015 a Toss-Up.
Fictional Place is only known to have been used once: utopia on November 25, 2008.As a result, Title itself has become increasingly sporadic.Fill In the Number : A phrase with a missing number in it, indicated by number signs; debuted on April 7, 1998, last appeared April 28, 2004.Despite its longevity, there are only seven known instances of the plural form being used, the first known being in 2004.The 2012 THQ games contain quite a few unused audio files of Pat announcing categories not used in the game, including Classic Rock (possibly a renaming of Rock On!) and Where Are We Going?The puzzle listed ingredients budget car rental coupon codes 2015 to a common food dish, which was then identified for the bonus.Puzzles in this category are the names of two famous people who are married to each other; despite the show having already begun to use ampersands by Season 7, this category continued to spell out AND until at least the mid-1990s.Not counting the intentional one-shots listed below, this is the third known category to have been used only once.(see the related link) (more what would you like to do?The puzzle was the slogan of a product or company, and the bonus question involved identifying the associated company.At least five Slogan puzzles did not use the bonus question due to the product name being in the answer: likood neighbor state farm IS there during the week of November 15, 1999; YOU'RE IN good hands with allstate during the week of September.Space Case : Puzzles related to outer space.It was replaced by the puzzle-solve cue on either September 16 or 18, 1992, and then by its own cues in 1997.In Season 32, the only use of a "decades" category was a single apperance of The 90's on February 19, 2015.It Adds Up : Puzzles related to mathematics or numbers.Combined by a word that ends the first and starts the second (e.g., wheel OF fortune cookie, which combines ".The increased use of "bonus" categories/questions, combined with the introduction of Megaword and the increased use of puzzles with fewer commonly-called letters, seems to indicate a temporary attempt at increasing the difficulty throughout most of Season.The Wheel is difficult for some contestants to reach and there spins are acceptable at least the edited broadcast program (more).The Song/Artist variant (e.g., macarena BY LOS DEL RIO) debuted by April 30, 1996, although the show alternated between the two until March 3, 2008 before settling on Song/Artist.
Puzzles in this category pertain to the entertainment industry in some way.