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Ya book giveaways goodreads

ya book giveaways goodreads

There's nothing wrong with that, and Goodreads has made no claim to have a sweeping companies in rhode island large international reader participation (as far as I know but publishers and authors might want to be aware when they do promotions.
Invite some jude, the First One share This Group 2017 Goodreads Inc.Readers enter a contest to win a free book offered by publishers or authors.Since the book is brand new, I can see exactly how many copies were produced, and I shut down distribution to all except Amazon.But anyone, including an international bookseller, could put up one account to snag one book in each of the continental European countries.If more entered the other contest, it drops even lower.You're not required to write reviews of the books you win, but it is encouraged.It's possible the resellers are supplying themselves via Amazon and not via Goodreads' giveaway program meant for readers.Continental European presence, for example, seems virtually non-existent.Amazon and Goodreads: Giveaways to Resellers?My interest was in reaching an Italian reader, not a non-Italian who would likely win a contest targeted to "all countries." By separating promotions, I guaranteed a resident reader of specific targeted countries would win.) But early results show that by Saturday mid-day.S.What are the odds of me - someone who loves to analyze these things - discovering this on my first foray into Goodreads?One of my gift books immediately went on sale on by a "winner." (Update: It has been verified that the winner was the reseller.) If the algorithm heavily allocates to active users, then authors should be aware UK giveaways may be going to resellers, not.Goodreads apparently uses an algorithm to determine winners at its discretion.Goodreads Doesn't Appear International, Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.Discover new books on Goodreads, meet your next favorite book, join Goodreads.I'm a reader, a consumer of books.But immediately after the Goodreads' giveaway books were delivered, books showed up for sale as "used" on Amazon, but are listed aer lingus voucher number as "new" in the.S.You have no friends in the Book Giveaways group.Goodreads gave me a hyperlink to the names of winners, so I could send them a courtesy message about estimated delivery dates.Most of the GoodReads book giveaways are open to US residents, but some are also open to Canada, the UK, and other international entrants.