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Younique raffle images

younique raffle images

Raffle Flyer, fundraising for a cause Raffle, generic design with single prize.
Use these 5 unique fundraising ideas to spice up your non-profits development efforts:.For example, slogan contest filipino wikang mapagbago ask people to donate 25 each to buy school supplies for needy children, or 50 to pay for 25 bricks in the new shelter you are building.And thats why coming up with unique fundraising ideas matters.Prize or Cash Raffle Flyer, donation with Drawing, fundraising raffle with 3 prizes.With this idea, you ask people to make a donation in return for a position as part of your volunteer day. .This is one of my all time favorite unique fundraising ideas, but it needs careful planning and the right list, as your mailing will only be done to big-time donors who already support your organization.The Reverse Raffle, are you planning to hold a raffle at your next fundraising event? .Instead of holding a fashionable cocktail party at a high end hotel, hold a hot-dogs and beer event at the Holiday Inn. .Tell your donors that this year is such an important year for your organization, you want to spend most of the money you are raising on your program or mission, instead of the event. .Hand out of hang posters and flyers.Then, a day or two after the e-mail, send your top donors a letter by certified mail that tells them the news, and why it is so important. .Dont let that happen to your school, church, or charity. .One thing you want to focus on is raising awareness.You may want to try the reverse raffle instead. .The Certified Mailing, if youve got some really big news to share and want to break through the clutter and reach your biggest donors, think about doing a certified mailing campaign. .Thats bad for professional fundraisers (who wants to be bored at work?its bad for volunteers (theyll move on to another, more exciting challenge and worst of all, its bad for donors. .You can use these templates as samples to get an idea for creating your own flyer or you can use them as they are by simply adding your own text.Consider paid advertising (ads in a local newspaper, online banner ads, etc.).